‘National Stray Neutering’ campaign urgently needed

Online newspapers and social media sites are featuring the plight of a cat feeder from Marsacala. Such cases are far from rare and are indeed happening all over Malta. I don't blame disgruntled locals who are not fond of having cats around.  Cats can be a nuisance and may even cause damage to property and gardens. The … Continue reading ‘National Stray Neutering’ campaign urgently needed

For goats’ sake, it’s made from sheep milk!

It's a busy weekday. You're driving at 56km/hr on the 'fast lane' at 9.17am. You're well within your legal driving speed limits, but the not-so-serene-looking driver overtaking you rolls down the window to shout out something in Maltese. "Suq min hemm qisek ĠBEJNA" (which roughly translates to "get out of the fast lane, slow coach". OK . . … Continue reading For goats’ sake, it’s made from sheep milk!