Back on track!

IMG_3675Finally, I am settling in after the most life-changing experience ever (my husband would say that I’m being dramatically drastic as always… but that’s how it truly felt). These past two months were memorable due to the arrival of our baby boy, Nikol (we just had to choose a Maltese name… of course!).

He was born on the 2nd of December, at Mater Dei. We’ve experienced a professional service throughout all stages, but I cannot fail to mention especially the staff at Obs 3 and the midwives carrying out the thoughtful postnatal visits. Yet, with all the support one can ever hope for, the 3-day-stay in hospital was still so overwhelming. Sleep deprivation proved to be the most dreadful physical and mental hurdle, but once we got back home things started falling back into place.

Considering everything, I find myself in good health (ok… I’m still carrying some extra kilos). Admittedly, the realisation of becoming a parent is one huge shock, however it’s been manageable thanks to constant support from Christian and all the family, especially my mum. For this I am very grateful.

December and January have gone by so fast. Taking care of a newborn brings along so many changes; daytime fuses into night time, constant baby feeding, nappy changing, and rigorous cleaning procedures. I consider these two months as a time of domestic bliss, but being at home made me realise how much I miss being outdoors.

While we were cosily tucked indoors, cold weather and strong winds gusted over Malta. Yet again, our islands were blighted with very little rain. A bitter disappointment for all those waiting for the rainy season to water their fields. While I was busy fulfilling my new role as a full time mum, I still kept in touch with farmers and other colleagues in the agri sector thanks to social media. Now that I got myself into a new routine, I’ll start once again sharing news from rural Malta.

There is a lot going on at the moment; positive happenings but also some major challenges that need to be surmounted. Nonetheless, 2018 promises to be a year of revolutions in the Maltese agri sector. I’ll keep on working incessantly to give local farmers a voice through this blog and my everyday work.

Wishing all the followers a prosperous new year full of healthy, local and seasonal blessings!

2 thoughts on “Back on track!

  1. Rachel says:

    Well done and congrats . I am very gratefull to as experianced this twice giving birth to my two sons. Miss my old days at school. Best teacher ever


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