First Bald Ibis recorded in Malta

Earlier today, Mr. Mark Zammit Cordina, a local photographer successfully captured images of a Bald Ibis (MT: Veleran). According to ornithologist Mr. Natalino Fenech, this species is found in Italy and Spain. Mr. Fenech commented that this specimen could be one of the many offspring resulting from a reintroduction program in Italy.

In August, similar specimens have been recorded in Calabria and Gela. Although the parents of such birds would have been bred in captivity, the offspring still manage to make their way to the south of the Mediterranean just by following their migratory instinct.

In a press release, Kaċċaturi San Ubertu (KSU), a local hunters’ organisation, called for vigilance from its members, other hunters, bird watchers and the general public.


Photo by Mark Zammit Cordina taken in Malta

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