Day #4 | “We’ve had enough!”

Journal: 84th International Green Week | Berlin

On Saturday (19.1.19) afternoon, farmers, representatives and consumers got together for an organised and peaceful protest against industrialised agriculture. Such protests have taken place yearly since 2011, happen in parallel with the Berlin International Green Week and attract up to 30,000 people.

The name of the protest, “We’ve had enough”, puts forward a strong message. Intensive livestock production together with environmental degradation related to food production were the main reasons for this gathering.

The stakeholders who were protesting had various points of view. Consumers in Germany are particularly sensitive towards animal welfare and pollution. Collectively, everyone is asking for more sustainable farming.



This poster shows the German Minister of Agriculture carrying issues in a cart to Brussels.


Why are we killing bees? If they die, we die too!


More efforts need to be made to protect biodiversity


The price of food is not reflecting the hardships to produce it


Photos by Camilla Kesjar

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