Animal Welfare: My reaction to the Commissioner’s statements

My reaction to Ms. Alison Bezzina's interview. Long post ahead. Tried my best at translating the Maltese phrases... apologies in advance to professional translators, but my expertise lies elsewhere. 1. The interviewer said he is vegan... Ms. Bezzina replied by saying "prosit" ("well done"). There is of course absolutely nothing wrong with following a vegan diet. … Continue reading Animal Welfare: My reaction to the Commissioner’s statements

Maltese Gold

Meet Joseph Farrugia - a grower from Qrendi who is the brains behind the brand 'Maltese Gold'. Together with his partner, Michael, he produces and markets high quality potatoes, which are now being shipped directly to Holland. Joseph, has recently become a household name with many local growers and farming enthusiasts. His daily motivational posts … Continue reading Maltese Gold

Agribusiness training finally gaining momentum!

A few days ago, Dr. Joseph Muscat, Malta's Prime Minister visited the Agribusiness Labs at the Mosta (Żokrija) Secondary School, while launching the public consultation on the first ever Agriculture Policy for Malta. Following my visit at the Kirkop Secondary School a few weeks ago, I was directed to visit the Agribusiness Labs in Mosta to better … Continue reading Agribusiness training finally gaining momentum!