Maltese Gold

Meet Joseph Farrugia - a grower from Qrendi who is the brains behind the brand 'Maltese Gold'. Together with his partner, Michael, he produces and markets high quality potatoes, which are now being shipped directly to Holland. Joseph, has recently become a household name with many local growers and farming enthusiasts. His daily motivational posts … Continue reading Maltese Gold

“Being a farmer is not a profession” or is it?

Recently I had a chat with a full time farmer who seemed keen to share an incident that happened to his 11-year-old son... let's call the boy 'Ronald', for argument's sake. Ronald and his classmates were asked by their teacher a question: "Can you mention different professionals?". All the kids started naming conventional professions such … Continue reading “Being a farmer is not a profession” or is it?

Rethinking Food Production

An idea generation workshop was hosted at MCAST focusing on sustainability and innovation in the food and beverage industry. This workshop was part of Climate-KIC, a public private partnership funded by the EU which brings together businesses, public entities, entrepreneurs and students. Paragon Europe has guided a local consortium based on the knowledge triangle of business, research … Continue reading Rethinking Food Production