“Herbicide? No thanks!”

The use of herbicides, particularly glyphosate (commonly known as ’roundup’) has been debated for years on end. Rightly so, consumers have been expressing their worries to authorities and politicians, particularly to Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). A few months ago, MEPs have requested a ban, however, solid decisions seem to be far away. The battle against glyphosate could be won in the future, but there are dozens of other synthetic pesticides what are equally, if not more, hazardous which we should worry about.


Photo by Elenio Tanti @ Tanti Farmers

As mentioned in my previous article about organic farming, the use of pesticides is not the only solution. Pesticides, especially the synthetic ones (those which are man-made rather than natural), should only be used as a last resort. In this respect, one has to consider that Maltese farmers are indeed making efforts to implement Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Traditional methods, very often are more time consuming, and therefore we should support local growers who go the extra mile to bring us safe food to our tables. They choose such methods for a number of reasons; mainly, because they really do care about the quality of food they produce, secondly, because pesticides result in increased costs of production, and thirdly because they are becoming more aware that consumers would rather choose a product that is safer than safe.


Elenio Tanti, a full time young farmer, has just published a post worth sharing on Facebook. He pointed out that it is not just about quantity, but rather, the quality of vegetables being produced. It must be back-breaking to remove weeds with a hoe, and as yet, his family chooses to continue such traditional practices to stand out from the rest. Their produce is in demand and their clients are loyal to their brand, thanks to their continuous efforts to be sustainable.



Source: Tanti Farmers Facebook Page


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