MaYA co-founder travels to China for an agri study tour

Over the last years youths are traveling much more. Some venture abroad to further their studies, while others travel to work and widen their horizons.

It is not common, on the other hand, to hear about young farmers, who manage to travel while leaving their farms behind. Being a full time farmer means having a job that requires a real 24/7 commitment.

There are exceptions of course, and thankfully, the opportunities for youth within the agri sector are on the increase. Karl Scerri (a full time broiler producer from Dingli)  and Malta Youth in Agriculture (MaYA) co-founder, has managed to find time and the help needed, to be away from his farm for good number of days. He is at the moment on his way back to Malta from China, after a study tour which he describes as a “unique, eye-opening, experience”.

This study tour was part of the EU-China Programme on capacity building for professional young farmers and agricultural professionals. A groups of youths from all over Europe have been carefully selected to be part of this. It was organised jointly by the Ministry for Agriculture and Rural Development of the Republic of China and DG Agri within the European Commission.

The group travelled across China visiting farms and agricultural enterprises. During one of his updates through WeChat, Karl told me that the scale and technology of the farms visited gave him a different dimension to agricultural production from what we’re used to see in Malta.

More updates to follow!


The group of young farmers and agri professionals in China. Karl is kneeling in front (second from right).

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