Investigating characteristics and trends of young farmers in Malta – work in progress

In 2018, I have enrolled for a Masters degree at the University of Malta and since then have been working on a research study about young farmers. Due to my involvement in the local agriculture sector, carrying out research about a topic in this area was a natural choice.

Moreover, the issue about lack of information regarding young farmers, in Malta and Gozo, has been cropping up quite often. After a discussion with my tutor, Prof Everaldo Attard, I submitted my proposal, and that was it! These two years have been quite challenging but now that the study is taking shape, I am happy to have taken the decision to investigate this topic. Below are some details about what the study is about.

Who can participate in this study?

Participants need to meet all criteria below:

  1. Be of Maltese nationality,
  2. Be between eighteen (18) and forty (40) years old,
  3. Practise agriculture in Malta and/or Gozo,
  4. Be involved in one or more of the activities listed below:
    • production of crops and/or livestock as a full/part time farmer,
    • and/or as a subsistence farmer,
    • and/or provide services related to agriculture,
    • and/or help out family members and/or friends in work related to agriculture.

What is the purpose of this research study?

The aim of this research study is to discover trends and create profiles characterising local youth involved in farming. To conduct this research, data is being collected from a number of young Maltese farmers about various topics related to their life and work practices. The data gathered shall be processed, analysed and presented in a dissertation.

This study will enable young farmers, farmer representatives, researchers and other stakeholders to learn more about the realities faced by young Maltese farmers.

For more information or should you wish to participate in this study, kindly email me on

2 thoughts on “Investigating characteristics and trends of young farmers in Malta – work in progress

  1. Stephanie Camilleri says:

    Vera interessanti Gian! Nixtieq naqra xi skoperti ghamilt jekk ha tippublikom! Ghidli min fejn 🙂 xxx big hugs Stephanie Camilleri +365 7989 0911

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