What do the bells of St. Clement’s say?

Oranges and lemons! I’m sure you’ve heard or sang the English nursery rhyme.

Well, it’s the season for citrus fruits, nature’s way to say “I’m still the best”.

It is believed that the Arabs introduced citrus trees in Malta during their domain. Three villages in the central part of Malta (Lija, Attard and Balzan) are well known for their high-walled gardens, protecting citrus groves from wind and thieves. The Palace of San Anton, has a beautiful orange grove locked away in the private area. Thankfully many local farmers still cultivate citrus trees and share with us some fine produce at a very good price. Gozitans also produce excellent oranges, some of the best I’ve ever tasted.

Click here to read some citrus related recipes I’ve listed earlier on this year.


An assortment of local oranges presented and photographed by Ms. Stephanie Camilleri





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