It’s that time of the year

If you have a male cat and it starts spraying all over your house, you only need to do one thing . . . call a vet and fix him. Some pet owners are taken by surprise when their male fluffy cats start showing signs of puberty. To put you in the picture, think of a human teenager of around fifteen years of age. Yes, testosterone levels are sky high and they start looking for potential play mates.


It’s useless complaining and trying to find another home for your cat! Also, contacting cat feeders to take your cat is useless . . . probably they already have more than they can handle.

Cats multiply at an alarming rate and this adds on to the overpopulation issue we have on our streets. Please, neuter your cats (male and female) before they reach the age of six months. There are many veterinary clinics across Malta and Gozo which provide such services (some links below). Male cats recover within a few hours from the operation, while female cats may take a few days. Always keep cats that have undergone an operation in a quite, comfortable and safe place. With proper care all cats get back on track and behave as if nothing has happened. Your veterinarian will guide you all the way.

There are valid reasons why neutering is important, especially in the case of cats. I just hope that more cat owners become more aware of the importance of neutering.



List of vet clinics in Malta

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