Letting nature take its course

Nature is capable of teaching us many lessons. Over the past 4 years I’ve been caring for strays, and accepting to let go has been the hardest task so far. Feeding stray and feral cats for 365 days a year is a commitment, while curing their ailments can sometimes be quite complicated. Once you start caring for them, you also realise that these creatures depend on you.

But there comes a point when they do not want your interference anymore. Nature has thought me that some creatures decide to stay away, to live the pain and refuse your care. Letting an animal die naturally is not something we can easily accept. Pejxina, a cute stray, has thought me exactly this concept. One day she just didn’t show up. Day after day I had to accept the fact that she is not coming back anymore. I already knew she was sick, but all the latest attempts to trap her and cure her failed.

Here are a couple of Pejxina’s photos. These shots were taken by Mireille, a neighbour of mine. Mireille had been caring for her even before I did, and we shared the responsibility of looking after Pejxina together with other cats within the small community. She was so affectionate and always there to greet us once we get home.  She will be dearly missed by her carers and fellow cats.

pejxina-rip-no-1-resized   Pejxina RIP 2 resized.jpg


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