No dream too big, no space too small!

RANT ALERT: This blogpost is dedicated to all those who still believe that agriculture can only happen in an open field!

Michaelangelo Galea, a young farmer has shared the following photos on the popular community group Dilettanti tal-agrikoltura, sigar u pjanti. A good batch of potatoes was harvested from a plant grown in a small plastic garden container.

Michaelangelo’s post also triggered other members to share their results. Here is Paul Ayling’s photo of a cherry tomato plant and its fruit.

Agriculture will only get better locally when everyone (from top brass right down to anyone who produces food) realises that times have changed, our landscape is drastically threatened, and agricultural and food science is bound to keep on evolving. So we need to move on from the 1960s mentality and embrace the coming decades with a renewed way of thinking.

3 thoughts on “No dream too big, no space too small!

  1. Jane Azzopardi says:

    I am interested in growing some vegetables in four to six troughs in my balcony. I have started vermiculture hoping to have good compost for the plants I already have and the veggies I hope to have in the future. I’m always open to learning more. Thanks


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