My type of Jarvis

Woah! I’ve just seen what Mark Zuckerberg has done. See the short clip below.

It’s scary that a non-human intelligent being can do so much. Well, if it’s legal, mega safe and free, I would love to have a Jarvis that does the following things;

  • Save my shopping list as I go along. The second I remember about an item I need to buy is the time when I tell Jarvis to save it in my e-shopping list.
  • Please don’t give me options of where to buy on Amazon unless I ask you to!
  • Feed the cats with strict rations through a controlled gadget. This might seem a simple action. When you have cats and need to wake up at ungodly hours to feed them, then you’ll know.
  • Prompt & remind my husband about chores to do…in a nice, calm voice 🙂
  • Update me with work i need to do without bugging me too much. Maybe an update once a day in the morning would be enough. Some minor tasks would not be listed in the calendar and these tend to be the ones that slip out of the to-do list first.
  • Keep track of bills and expenses, times when the cars need a check or appliances need maintenance.
  • Say motivational phrases to get us off our desk or sofa and go for a walk!

One single portal to organise our lives in a busy world.

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