Veggies aren’t boring…

Eating vegetables might not always be enticing. I had many conversations over the past few weeks with parents who struggle to convince their children to eat vegetables. Before saying “my kid doesn’t like vegetables”, ask yourself if you would enjoy eating that kind of food. If it’s not appetising for you, it won’t be for them. Taste is one major factor that makes us like or dislike food.

Although Nikol (who is 9 months old) has always been a hungry baby, we do our best to expose him to healthy food and delicious flavours. We eat lots of seasonal local produce at home and base our meals on simple Mediterranean recipes (I am no cooking guru!).


Nikol eating veggies for lunch

Eating healthy food requires a great deal of planning. I regularly seek advice from my nutritionist and friend Dr. Antonella Grima. Her regular posts are an inspiration.

Sourcing good quality ingredients will help in cooking wholesome food. Locally, we have many knowledgeable farmers, fishermen, butchers and artisans who offer excellent food to their clients. The taste of Maltese produce is second to none, in my opinion. Getting to know local producers might not always be easy. Sometimes, it’s time-consuming, but in the end, it’s worth it!

Hope you enjoy my recipe below and I encourage everyone to eat more local veggies on a daily basis!

Veggies to die for


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