Thoughts of the day

A busy day, full of mixed feelings.
In the morning I had the opportunity to represent Maltese Young Farmers at the conference organised by the President’s Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society.
I appealed to those present to support local farmers by choosing local produce whenever possible, and to trust local growers and producers. Farmers are our genuine food producers and environmental stewards. Let’s show them more respect and avoid quick judgement when talking about consumer issues.
Authorities need to wake up before it is too late. The ones in power have the duty to tackle the issues that have been pressing on the local food sector for decades.
In the afternoon I took over babysitting duties. Its always fun being with Nikol.
Drove towards a view point known by many locals. It represents the beauty of the Maltese landscape, but also bears the ugly association of a homicide which happened in 1993. The late Silvia King was my age when she was murdered. She was a social worker, and a bowling champion. May she rest in peace. I was a child when it happened and I remember clearly that it shocked all Malta.
Today, also marks a year since DCG was murdered. A year ago Malta, and all of Europe were in shock. Only justice may alleviate the suffering that her family is still going through. May she also rest in peace.
#freedom #justice #Malta

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