Mislabeled Bambinella

Food labelling is an issue that is finally being taken more seriously at a local level. However as with any piece of news one has to acquire all the correct information before making public statements.

The photo below is being circulated on various posts on Facebook. It features a label issued by Greens Supermarket on a Pitkali (local market) crate, referring to ‘Local Bambinella’ fruits. Since this fruit is not yet in season, it stood out to a number of observers and was immediately interpreted as food fraud.


There are very slim chances that Bambinella fruits are stored in a cold store just to be sold months later. So this leads us to two possible conclusions; it was either mislabelled intentionally, or else, it was a genuine mistake.

So I got in touch with Mr. Matthew Sammut, spokesperson for Greens Supermarket, and after explaining the situation, he told me that this must be a genuine mistake. He said that a wrong bar code must have been printed while also highlighting the fact that Bambinella fruits are indeed out of season.

Even if this ends up being simply a genuine mistake, it is very promising to see that stakeholders, including farmers and consumers, are on the lookout for these discrepancies.




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